Citatul zilei de 4 Septembrie

“We are our history , that is true . Things that should never happen to anyone have happened to each of us , and we are the consequence of them. But it is not the events themselves that go on influencing us , shaping us,controlling us . It is the attiitudes derived from them .Without the attitudes , past events would have been long over and done with , ended in time as they began in time.”(Jo Coudert)

Published by PaulOvidiuM

Cand n-am mai avut nimic de pierdut, am castigat totul. Cand am incetat sa mai fiu cine eram, m-am gasit pe mine insumi. Cand am cunoscut umilinta, chiar si atunci, mi-am continuat drumul si am inteles ca eram liber sa-mi aleg soarta. Paulo Coelho

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